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Amazo offers a wide range of sales and marketing services. Our customers choose us on occasions to engage outside sales and marketing expertise and benefit from an external perspective and experience.

Companies need to able to sell their products or services to remain in business. But a lot of the times what happens is, their core competency is in managing operations or production and not sales. Most of the companies that outsource their sales and/or marketing to us tell us that their primary expertise is not sales and want to use experts to help them as sales is a very important and crucial task in their organizations.

Our Sales & Marketing services include

1. Tele-marketing – this activity includes all kinds of telephonic marketing activities including new product sales, surveys, prospect creation, etc.
2. Lead Generation / Qualification – we help companies with qualified leads. Here the sale really doesn’t take place but we provide our clients, a qualified potential lead that could be converted into a customer. Most of our clients prefer using this service of ours.
3. Market Research – we offer primary and secondary market research activities.

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